Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz are bringing slashers back with Slasher Studios. Having been raised on 80′s slashers, they want to make fun, clever films that play homage to the genre that they both love so much. Their first film “Teddy” received great reviews from critics around the world and went on to win Audience Favorite at Chicago Fear Fest and Best Horror Short Film of 2012 from Horror Society. Their second film, “Popularity Killer” is a kill-or-be-killed 80′s slasher homage. Their third film “Blood Brothers” is a hostage style thriller with ties to “Last House on the Left” and “Mother’s Day” with a gritty Noir edge. They just released their first slasher feature, “Don’t Go to the Reunion”, another 80′s slasher homage over the Fall of 2013. Next up for the slasher duo is the winter themed slasher “Dismembering Christmas.”

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Less than 4 days left and we are now at 76% of our goal for Don’t Go to the Reunion!! Remember, every dollar and every backer counts. We can do this slasher fans! To become a backer: Don’t Go to the Reunion Kickstarter

If you aren’t yet ready for Don’t Go to the Reunion, we have some drive-in totals to whet your horror appetite. Two breasts, two gratuitous male butt shots, several dead bodies, an unstoppable killer, shards of glass to the throat, multiple decapitations, 14 80’s slasher films mentioned, fire poker fu, abandoned mansion in the middle of woods fu, slasher sex scene to end all slasher sex scenes fu, and one hell of a final line. Are you a backer yet? To become one:

I would totally see this horror movie.
Happy Birthday to Me inspired Don’t Go to the Reunion poster. To become a Don’t Go to the Reunion backer today, check out the official kickstarter page:
I Heart Human Hearts
Mondo does it again. A beautiful poster for the re-release of HALLOWEEN.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
Silent Madness
Friday the 13th Part 3
Scream 2

Se7en - 1995