Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz are bringing slashers back with Slasher Studios. Having been raised on 80′s slashers, they want to make fun, clever films that play homage to the genre that they both love so much. Their first film “Teddy” received great reviews from critics around the world and went on to win Audience Favorite at Chicago Fear Fest and Best Horror Short Film of 2012 from Horror Society. Their second film, “Popularity Killer” is a kill-or-be-killed 80′s slasher homage. Their third film “Blood Brothers” is a hostage style thriller with ties to “Last House on the Left” and “Mother’s Day” with a gritty Noir edge. They just released their first slasher feature, “Don’t Go to the Reunion”, another 80′s slasher homage over the Fall of 2013. Next up for the slasher duo is the winter themed slasher “Dismembering Christmas.”

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Amazing artwork to showcase the year in Indie Horror TV (look at Teddy in the front right!)! A big thank you to Nathan Thomas Milliner for the fantastic artwork and Robert Poole for EVERYTHING he has done to support indie horror!
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If you haven’t preordered your copy of Don’t Go to the Reunion yet, now is your chance. Get a free poster (supplies are limited) of contest winner Austin Hinderliter artwork with every purchase and every purchase also includes an insert created by our contest runner-up Jeff Quick. Lots of slasher goodies!

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Still the best moment of my life, getting this review from Joe Bob Briggs for Teddy: "I think you set some kind of world record by consuming more than 11 beers in an 11-minute movie. In fact, I think it was more like 22 beers, so a guzzle every 30 seconds. I’m in awe.Thanks for sharing, man. You did the world’s shortest slasher, and yet you didn’t leave out a single element. Congrats!Hang in there,Joe Bob”
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